Monday, May 03, 2004

Wife Takes the Seat

I had to work late last night and got home about an hour before I had to go pick my mom up at the airport. I didn’t feel I had time to get settled into a ring game so I thought I’d check out the SNG (Sit-N-Go) selection at Absolute. I was surprised to find that they offered NLHE for .60. .50 went to the pool and .10 to Absolute. I figured it would be fun to while away my 40 minutes left of free time for less than a buck. What I didn’t count on was the extremely tight play. It was like these guys thought they were at a final WPT table. This was a good environment for winning but I wanted to be done in 40 minutes. Needless to say there were still four of us at the table when it came time for me to leave.

I had the chip lead by about 2000 chips so I called my wife in to finish for me. She has never played poker before and only knows the terminology of the game because I talk about it. She had been busy unpacking and I thought it would be fun for her. She said she didn’t want to play but I told her it would be a fun break and even if she lost we would only be out 60 cents. She agreed to give it a shot and I played a few hands with her so she knew where the buttons were and told her she only had to outlast one player to make money. I then got on the road. About ten minutes later my curiosity got the best of me and I called home to check on her progress. She reported she wasn’t doing well and had lost about 1000 dollars. I told her I’d help over the phone and we continued to play this way till the tourney was over. On every deal she would tell me which cards she had, which suit and what went onto the board. It was hard to follow sometimes but we soon found ourselves heads up when our opponent eliminated the other two players in one hand. We went back and forth for about 5 or 10 minutes then when in the big blind my wife reported that we had a 5 of diamonds and a 2 of puppy feet. Yes she calls clubs “puppy feet”. Our opponent called and we checked.
Flop Jh 4h 6h
Opponent bet 2,000, we raised, opponent went all-in, we only had 300 left so we called.
Turn Jd
River 3h
We caught our straight but our opponent had a Qh and caught the flush. We finished second and took a cool $1.35.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to play over the phone when the person talking to you doesn’t have a clue how to play, but overall we had a lot of fun and she got a small glimpse into what I spend so much time doing.