Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Spinning wheels

I wish I knew how to win right now. I managed to donk out of the HUC losing two straight to Highonpkr.

I also can't seem to get my head above water in the SNG's right. I'm only down a small amount but with my recent withdrawal I may have overestimated my risk of ruin.

I have a bad tendency to lose when I'm feeling the pressure to win.

Light bulb moment: I finally realized as I'm writing this why that is. Bad beats affect me more when I feel the pressure. I literally cussed at the computer during play tonight which is something I rarely ever due. Hmmm maybe writing in this blog still has value after all.
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Monday, September 24, 2007

Excuses are like...

and everybody's got one. While I'm playing more SNG's this month, I'm certainly not seeing an increase in my ROI. As a matter of fact, I'm faring much worse this month. In August I played 80 SNG's for a 15.5% ROI. In September I've played 114 so far with a 2% ROI.

I could equate my issues into forcing myself to play when I don't really want to, having other projects going, not concentrating, but those are all just excuses. The fact of the matter is that I'm not playing the way I know to play. No excuse makes up for the fact that I know I'm playing poorly yet make no effort to correct it.

Patience young padewan. If I could give one piece of advise to anyone wanting to play SNG's. That would be it. Patience is the single most important key to success at the low limits. I need to practice what I preach.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Where To Begin...

Let's see. I know my posting has been sporadic at best lately but I am still playing poker. In fact staying true to my word I'm still on track to double my play from last month. My problem is a severe lack of free time right now. I'm getting ready to embark on a very exciting, yet very scary career move.

Being known as the "tech guy" to all my friends I get called upon whenever someone has a PC related issue. Every time they call me, they also tell me I should work on computers as a business. I've heard this enough times that I've finally decided to do just that. It will start as a part time gig that hopefully grows into a full time job. I will be launching next week and getting everything ready has been very time consuming.

Playing poker has actually led to my being able to do this. You see all of my startup costs have been covered by poker profits. In fact, I believe that I will never have to spend a dime of "my own" money during the life of the business. I see no reason why I can't cover my small monthly costs (phone, advertising, etc.) with poker play.

This has led me to consider something within poker I've never really had to deal with before. Proper bankroll funding versus risk of ruin. I've really emaciated my bankroll during this process. The bankroll is currently sitting at about $750. I like to maintain a minimum of 45 buy ins but prefer 65 for SNG's. Presently I'm playing the $24 turbo's but I should be playing the $12 ones. Normally I would just drop down in limits and continue playing. The thing is that I believe I have proven to myself that I can beat these games. I feel it would take a severely freakish losing streak for me to be in bankroll danger. Thus I've decided to stay where I'm at and play a little thin.

At any rate look for some more frequent posting coming up. In the mean time go check out The Poker and show some support for a new blogger on the scene.

Update: I received my money from Full Tilt a few days after posting about it so alls good.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Mobile test

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Thursday, September 13, 2007


The last time I received a response like this the site went under and I never saw my money.

Hello Tom,

Thank you for contacting Full Tilt Poker 24 hour Email Support.

We sincerely apologize for the extended delay in processing your
withdrawal request and any inconvenience this may have caused you. While
withdrawals normally take 24-48 hours to process, we are currently
receiving an unusually high volume of withdrawal requests at this time,
making our average processing time longer than 48 hours.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, and we anticipate
returning to our regular processing times of 24-48 hours as soon as

We value your business and appreciate your continued patience.