Saturday, May 22, 2004

A Hurdle to Overcome

Last night definitely proved the greatest challenge of my short poker career. I sat at the computer and fired up UltimateBet expecting easy money. I was instead slapped hard in the face. Not by cards, but by my pot adversaries. I searched the lobby like a good little poker player. Gleaning as much information as possible hoping against hope that I could find the perfect table. There it was…a beacon in the night. Not perfect, nothing ever is, but close. The flop percentage could be a little higher but hey, beggars can’t be chosers. I clicked the “Join Table” button and was off.

First hand, Big Blind, 6 3 offsuit, let it go better cards will come, if they deal them, they will come. Second hand, Small Blind, 2 2, ah here we go. Certainly not a monster, not even close, but they can be deceptive if the right cards flop. Two callers to me, what to do, what to do, just call. Big blind raise, crap, I want to see the flop. Call, Call, Call. Let the flop fall right, please fall right…Yahoo!! Qd3d2c..sweet. Be cool…be cool. Check, Bet yes, Raise yes, Fold, Hit the button, just hit the button…Raise, BB caps it what the hell, Call, Call.

Stay small, stay small…YES! Turn 7c. Raise, Oh Shit does he have QQ in the hole? The doubt is I getting sucked in…no way to tell but to play it. Call, Let’s see where I’m at…Raise. BB calls Whew!, LP calls.

All right, just one more little one and I’m set. River…10c. Allright, no straight on the board…possible flush but no one is going to call that many bets trying for a club flush…Bet! BB raise, WTF! Ok, calm down…he overplayed his pair of Queens earlier and now he’s hit two pair...nothing to worry about. LP call. Sucker…you will pay for your transgressions against me…Raise!! BB caps it, MUWAHAHA!! Let’s all pay the price and see me...what…no…it can’t be…he has what…that’s impossible...NOOOOOOOO!!! fade to black. You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension of not only sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of the imagination – Next stop, The Suckout Zone!

Yes weary travelers…the dreaded runner runner flush took down our ignorant hero and thus set the tone for the rest of the evening. In one hand I not only saw the largest pot I’ve seen at this level, $61, but I lost the most I’ve ever lost in one hand, $20. Now normally if I lose 10BB at a table without winning a single hand I will look for greener pastures. As this was only my second hand…and I really wanted to take my money back…I decided to stick it out.

The lobby stats had this table pegged all wrong and you were lucky if more than two people saw the flop. It was a real grind but I wanted my money back, damnit! I was eventually able to wring a profit out of this group of tight wads (even mister runner runner tightened up). The table broke up a couple hours later and I felt I had accomplished something. Had the second hand of the night gone my way it would have been a much more enjoyable night, yet the feeling of coming back did leave me satisfied.

Table – 130 minutes, 6BB, 2.77BB/Hr, 179 hands – (Profit on the big pot was 20BB for the winner!)