Monday, May 10, 2004

Players, Oh Players, Where For Art Thou Players

Well I’m going to have to rethink my weekend play at Absolute. The table selection has become non-existent at the .50/1.00 level. The only play seems to be at the 6 max table and even then it’s not always full. At the .25/.50 and 1/2 levels there are plenty of tables. I don’t want to drop down a level because I’ll lose the earning potential and as much as I’d like to play 1/2 I’m going to wait for the bankroll to build. This leaves Party so I’ll have to spend my weekend time there as well as my weekday. The freeroll NL tourneys at Absolute will still be an option though a few times a week.

I was going to take Saturday night off but my wife just wanted to get some sleep. Being left to my own devices I found myself at the tables. I logged onto Absolute and finding nothing but 6 max available I sat down to get pummeled. Fortunately I took the hint and switched to Party to recover my loss. On Sunday night I forwent even trying Absolute and went straight to Party for some deep sea fishing.

Table One (Absolute) – 40 minutes, -7.25BB, -10.88BB/Hr, 60 hands – As I stated earlier I was being pummeled here. My aggressive play killed me. When I had the best of it I couldn’t get any play and when I was second best I gave away more than I should. I had my fair share of suck outs on the river but after looking at it I was just to aggressive against these opponents. I found myself with top two pair against sets on several hands. As a matter of fact it appears that I was up against an unusually large amount of sets. In fact 6 of the 60 hands played or 10% were of a set or full house. I’ve never checked this statistic before and correct me if I’m wrong but this just doesn’t seem normal. I know cards can run like that and I was just sitting at a table that was running them, but why couldn’t I get them? :(

Table Two (Party) – 41 minutes, 11.5BB, 16.83BB/Hr, 39 hands – In roughly the same amount of time, and about 2/3 the number of hands I was able to make back my loss and then a little so I could claim a profit on the day. A good weekend at Party can make you believe the bad ones are aberrations. As you will remember I swore off weekend play at Party, now I have to come back. Party is like and evil vortex that sucks you in, spits you out, and then sucks you in again. I’m reminded of the “Come Back to Jamaica” commercial but with a twist “Come Back to the Fish”. Or was it “You Call it Corn, We Call it Maze.” I don’t remember. Anyway I was happy with my return to weekend play at Party and that’s all I was trying to convey in the preceding rambling paragraph.

Table One (Party) – 69 minutes, 23BB, 20BB/Hr, 70 hands – “To Dream The Impossible Dream”, Wow the fish were biting at this table I was sorry to see it end but alas it seemed that all at once everyone bailed on me.

Table Two – 46 minutes, 2BB, 2.61BB/Hr, 46 minutes – As you can see these were dangerous waters. This table was more of a steady grind as several tight players were ruining it for the rest of us. By “rest of us” I mean me. I just didn’t have the right mix of players at this one and after grinding a way 3/4 of an hour I decided to take my 25BB profit for the night and go to bed.

Can’t complain about a thing and the whole week has been a breath of fresh air after trying the two tables at once fiasco. I still feel as though I’m missing something by not playing multiple tables but my win rate just can’t justify it.

Stats for the Week:
10.92 hours, 7.43BB/Hr, 662 hands

Two Week Total:
19.08 hours, $109.36 profit, 5.73BB/Hr, 7.89BB/100, 1386 hands

A fine two weeks of work earning me better than minimum wage. After the rocky start last week this week turned out to be stellar. A good foundation to build on so I have high hopes for this coming week.

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