Tuesday, May 11, 2004

So So, Blegh, Whatever

That sums up last nights adventure at the tables. I started off by going directly to my buddy list and searching for a mark. I found two potentials at the tables and joined one. Things went really well for a while and I quickly built up a 13BB profit. A freeroll was starting at this time on Absolute and I started to play both at the same time. Turns out this spelled disaster and before I knew it I was back down to my original buy-in. I clicked the sit-out button on the tourney and put my full concentration back on the limit game. I managed to build back up to 7BB before the table broke up.

I switched back to the tourney and managed a meager increase in chips before dropping out 438th of 1000. Instead of doing the smart thing and going to bed I again searched my buddy list and joined another table. I found a table with 60% seeing the flop and the river dance began. One particular player saw every single flop and managed to lose 19BB before leaving the table. This would have been a good thing if some of that had gone my way. Problem was he kept dancing on me and giving his money to everyone else. I found myself back down to the original buyin when Mr. Loose left the table. This also would have been a good time to retire but my ego demanded that I could score a big pot and then quit. Needless to say that did not happen and after playing a few more orbits I called it quits down 1.62BB.

Night - 191 minutes, +5.38BB, +1.69BB/Hr, 197 hands

Table One – 108 minutes, +7BB, 3.89BB/Hr, 111 hands

Table Two – 83 minutes, -1.62BB, -1.17BB/Hr, 86 hands

No big pots tonight. (see title of post)