Friday, May 14, 2004

Earnings In Mirror Are Larger Than They Appear

I made my deposit at UltimateBet last night and played the 1/2 table. There was certainly an adjustment in making the move. Seeing the pots twice the size of what I’m used to scared me a little at the beginning. I just had to keep telling myself they are Small Bets and Big Bets, same as always. After an orbit or two I finally got into the swing of things and settled in rather nicely. My one night of play is far from an overall experience at this level but there was more raising and folding before the river going on than I have seen at .50/1.00. This required a little adjustment but I found it not to difficult to overcome.

Mindset is going to be everything for a while. I found players trying to push me off a pot more so than at the .5/1 level as well. I was giving in at first but after sensing what was going on I started pushing back and taking pots of my own. I was also able to target the tighter players (thanks to Poker Tracker Game Time Window) and push some players off pots myself. I found myself up against a fairly loose player from the BB and thought he was trying to force me out. I managed to flop two small pair and the board didn’t show much help for a big hand. We maxed out the flop and turn before slowing down on the river. He flashed a pair of two’s for a set and that pot hurt me. That was really my only foolish play of the night though and feel that I was solid. I managed a pretty nice profit in the time I was playing but I don’t think that will be the norm, at least not yet. With the win though and the bonus I have no reason to stop checking out the 1/2 tables. I’ll stick to UltimateBet through the weekend and see how things work out.

Table – 132 minutes, 17.75BB, 8.07BB/Hr, 171 hands

I was not part of any big pots last night. I will have to play some more to even get a feel for what a big pot is here. If it’s twice what .5/1 is then I was only winning average ones last night.