Friday, June 30, 2006

July Half As Goals

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It's the end of the month and time to review my Half As goals. I may as well spout some new ones as well.
Half As Goal #1:
June: Win a multi-table tournament - Didnt' happen. Made 3 final tables but couldn't seal the deal this month. That extends my win drought to 2 months. I had several other money cashes which contributed to my 3rd best month in tournaments cash wise.

July: Win a multi-table tournament - May as well stick with this one till I get the monkey off my back.

Half As Goal #2:
June: Satellite my way into one of the Full Tilt Winner's Choice tournaments - Didn't even try this. I should have researched a little before making this one. The only satellites they are running right now start at 11:30 pm and that's just to late for me. All the WSOP stuff going on has taken priority for them so I'll have to wait till next month to try this one again.
July: Satellite my way into one of the big Sunday tournaments going on at one of the major sites. I know that's a little vague but I'm not sure which site I want to try to play at right now. I need to look at the various satellites running at the various sites. Then I'll make my decision.

Half As Goal #3:
June: 100 table hours logged at the NL games. - Ended up with 92.97 table hours this month at the .5/1 NL tables. I would have hit the goal but this last week I decided to start playing shorthanded. It's new to me and I found I do much better if I only play one table at a time for right now. On the money front it was my best month at NL tables. I just about doubled my take from last month and I feel as though I'm finally coming into my own in the NL cash games.

July: 65 table hours at NL games - I'm really liking the shorthanded games right now and I'm not sure when I'll start adding multiple tables to my sessions. In consideration of that I'm going to drop my expectation for the next month and see how it goes.

Well that covers it. I ordered my copy of DoubleAs new book. Go to his site and check out the details.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


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While digesting another uber-post brought to us by the Blogfather, I followed a link to a mention of good old ZeeJustin. Go read the ZeeJustin post about his wish to do charity work, then come back.

Did you manage to struggle through it? Good.

I don't know this kid, never met him, don't know anything about him except for the scandal that was centered around him. I think what he did was very wrong and it was correct of the poker rooms to ban him. That said, the kid obviously had some talent and could have been a big name for his playing ability as opposed to the scandal.

In his latest post he makes a comment that I believe would have been the proper way for him to come back from his past transgressions... then he ruins it by continuing the sentence and revealing his true intentions.

"I thought I could just keep to myself, play on a new site under a secret identity and keep everything to myself,..." That would be a good idea. Your a good player, use your skill to make money. Continue to be the best player you can be.

Unfortunately he continues with...

"but I donÂ’t want to have to resort to that."

And the true intentions are revealed. It's not about the game. It's not about an apology. He can't stand the idea of not being the center of attention. The rest of his little letter is all a smoke screen to allow him to sweep his past under the rug. He wants to be proclaimed a hero to whom we must all bow to and worship. This kid simply doesn't seem to get it. He's young, and as is often the case at that age he lets his life be controlled by his ego. When he gets older and learns to keep that ego in check I hope he can be happy as just a "secret identity". That's when he will receive the respect that he so desperately wants.

Monday, June 26, 2006

A Game Called Razz

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When I woke up this morning I didn't know much about the game of Razz. I still don't know a whole lot, but I know I kinda like it. I've been seated at a table when Razz was played on two occasions before today. Both were in HORSE events and I pretty much just folded through the Razz portions. With the WPBT Razz event on tap I decided I needed to learn more about the game and I headed off to the play money tables of Full Tilt.

I've never condoned the use of play money tables in the past due to the poor play you'll see. When you don't know the rules of the game though, it's a good place to learn. I knew Razz was a game of having the lowest hand and that the hand was dealt like 7-card Stud. I mistakenly thought that you had to use your best 5 cards, to make the worst hand. This meant that I thought pairs, straights, and flushes counted against you. This was wrong. You get to use your five lowest cards regardless of suits and straights don't count. The best hand is A2345. Ace is always counted as a low card.

Most people despise the game because it is easy to have your hand decimated by the later streets, but god help me, I enjoy playing it. The game requires concentration and maybe that's why it held my interest. I have no plans to play it on any regular basis but I might play the odd tourney every now and then.

At any rate, the reason for learning more about the game today was for the WPBT event. I'm happy to report that I finished a strong 2nd out of 17. I went into the heads up battle with lucko21 as a major underdog but fought my way back to just about even before the cards abandoned me and I was eventually eliminated. Since lucko21 was ahead of me in the points race already and the points leader, S.T.B. went out in fourth, I imagine I'll still be sitting in 3rd place. I missed playing in two events this year and I can't help wondering if I'd be a little closer to the lead if I'd played in them all.

Friday, June 23, 2006

A Love Hate

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Wednesday afternoon I fired up Eurobet for an afternoon session and just as I logged in the site crashed. Thankfully this isn't a too regular occurrence but I wanted to play so I took a look at my spreadsheet. I found that I still had about $500 in bonus to clear at UltimateBet so off I went to play.

The first online site I ever played back in '03 was UltimateBet. It was there that I honed my early knowledge of the game so a soft spot in my heart will always be reserved for them. It was also a site that I came to despise last year. It wasn't crashes that caused me to hate them, it was the way I played.

Now I don't play every site out there but I've flung virtual chips at a rather large number of them so I feel confident in saying that at the lower limits the level of competition is greater at UB than most other sites. With that knowledge in hand, it wasn't that I couldn't beat the competition either. In fact, I was able to take advantage of them on many occasions by knowing that my opponents were, for the most part, able to make a good laydown. This led to a bad bought of fancy play syndrome. If I could bluff a hand every now and then, why not try it more often. Time after time I would start a session with a plan of keeping myself under control, yet by the end I would fall back into the same bad rhythm.

I quit playing ring games their altogether for a while but found myself going back earlier this year when they were offering reload bonuses on a constant basis. My play didn't change though. Same players, same rut.

Wednesday I made a breakthrough. I managed to not get tied up in the FPS that I was susceptible to and managed a decent session. Then another reason I dislike UB came up. The inability for a table to stay open for more than an hour. It never fails that one player will sit out, then two, and suddenly their is a mass exodus which leaves me all alone. This is enough to prevent me from playing ring games their on a regular basis.

It's good to know I can go back now with the knowledge that I've taken a big step in overcoming an old nemesis.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Bad Idea

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I hadn't planned on making multiple posts today but I finally received an email I have to go off on. On an almost daily basis an email arrives from some company or website wanting me to "mention" their product or place an Ad on the site. A majority of these are deleted immediately but a few I'll hang onto until I check the site out for myself. I may have mentioned one or two of these sites in the past but 99.9% of them never make it onto these pages.

I'm going to mention one now but I want to make it very clear that I think this group of people is doing a great disservice for poker. I'm more sensitive about this than I probably should be, but with the state of Washington passing an online gambling ban and now the Federal Government attempting to do about the same thing I've become a bit worried.

The email in question was from the folks at MissPokerFace. They are on a mission to attain the following:
"...Poker lacks glamour and the launch today of the worlds first “Miss Poker Face” seeks the worlds most beautiful girls who can also handle themselves on the poker table."
This in itself wouldn't be so bad but then they go on:
"Girls who submit their details to will be short listed based on looks to play in poker tournaments to find national winners."
So it doesn't matter how you play the game, it's just how hot you look. Don't get me wrong, I'm a strong advocate of enjoying the site of a lovely lady but this does nothing for poker. It actually cheapens it and provides fuel for the shortsighted lawmakers that look to downplay pokers merit in relation to games of chance.

The people responsible for this are based in the UK and even though they may not be bound by the US Government, they certainly would be affected by it. It is obvious that these people are running a beauty pageant with a twist. They stated in the press release that they are looking for a sponsor with global ties. A vast majority of online players, and thus the largest potential audience for this group, are from the US and may have to go away. Granted players like myself would still find a way to play but the average Joe will find the next new thing and move on. That means his/her interest in poker will go away. For this person, and myself, having to watch some vapid beauty try to play a game she can't fathom beyond knowing simple hand rankings will not be appealing. In fact it may be tortorous.

I usually can't fault someone for trying to make a buck, but in this instance I'll make an exception.

Leave Your Message After The Tone

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Tonight could be summed up by this previous post. (Warning: run on sentence coming) I could just sit here and bitch about losing four races in four straight tourneys tonight and then donking off chips in SNG's to try to break even just so I wouldn't have to post a negative number in my new posting format...But I won't do that (or did I just do it anyway).

At any rate I dumped my hard earned money into tournaments that produced bupkis. I'm looking for feedback on my posting of daily results. I used to do it way back in the beginning of this blog but I'm pretty sure no one is riveted by my penny ante results. Drop me a comment and let me know if it's compelling or revolting. The only upside I see to it is it forces me to update on a daily basis. Quantity over quality is not something I've been known for in the past.

I haven't exactly been known for quality either but lets just let me have my dreams, 'kay.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Week In The Making

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Cash Games: $139.60 / 8.65 table hours

The week long drought of cash game wins finally came to an end yesterday. I really felt back in the groove and played pretty well. If not for an ugly set over set loss my profit would have been a bit more impressive.

I feel like I'm ready to move up a level but I've managed to withdrawal a big chunk of my bankroll again so I'll be staying here for a while.

Week: $98.35
Month: $1882.50

Monday, June 19, 2006


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Tournaments: -$41.25

WBCOOP was a disaster as I tried to make someone lay down their top pair. I was actually lucky to make it as far as I did since my JJ sucked out on AA before the first break. Out in 425th of 2247.

Next up was a two table token satellite at Full Tilt. I like the $6.60 tournaments where the top 4 get a $26 token and 5th gets back $4. As has been my MO lately I was the chip leader then donked off trying to eliminate someone and I go out in fifth.

I haven't played the UB $12,500 guarantee in a while so I fired it up last night and played a pretty decent game up until the end. As we sat on the bubble I had a slightly above average stack and another average stack at the table started getting frisky with the blind stealing. For some ungodly reason I decided it was my duty to put this person in their place. On my first decent hand I called and took the lead on the flop. She wasn't going to go anywhere though and after committing most of our stacks she managed to river me. I barely squeaked into the money for a $35 profit.

The Turquoise at Paradise was an effort in futility and I went out just minutes before the second break. 56th place out of 177.

Finished up with the Coral and busted out in an unimpressive 259th place. 382 players started so I couldn't even outlast the donk bubble in this one.

Week: -$41.25
Month: $1,742.90

Saturday, June 17, 2006

We Don't Need No Stinkin Laydown

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Cash Games: -$212.30 / 4.65 table hours

I failed miserably in my attempt to tighten up early. It would be easier if I could attribute the loss to that fact, but I cannot. It all boiled down to three hands which define what I believe to be the most important factor in poker. The ability to lay down a hand.

I dropped an entire buyin calling down a player when all I could beat was a bluff. I struggled early at the table and wanted to chip up so bad I ignored every obvious warning sign. This was followed up by my KK vs. AA. The preflop action told me he had Aces but I refused to let the hand go. The final blow came in the form of my flopped flush vs. a turned full house. Wouldn't have been bad had I forced the action on the flop but again I called down even after the board pairing sent off large red warning lights all around me.

I may just not play today. I'm thinking of doing a little studying up on my game tonight and waiting for the PokerStars Blogger Championship on Sunday.

Week: -$340.88
Month: $1569.85

Friday, June 16, 2006

Breaking Even

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Cash Games: -$.10 / 7.6 table hours

Played two sessions today and had a rollercoaster ride in the afternoon that ended in a loss. Lost two big hands on two separate tables but in similar situations. Each table had a very big LAG type player and I was looking for opportunities to bust them. In each situation where I made my move they actually woke up with the nuts. Shame on me for being greedy.

The night session (which occurred after my son was awarded the team ball in his baseball game) was a combination of two up tables and one down for a break even day.

I did notice in the night session that I'm beginning to be too loose from the early positions. My goal for today is to concentrate on that and tighten up a little bit in early position.

Week: -$128.58
Month: $1,994.45

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Format Change

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I've been riveted by Lee's Poker Blog lately as he gives daily updates to his race to $200K. I'm actually enjoying his format so much that I'm going to copy it for a while. (that is until I get bored and move onto something else.)

With my son arriving back from Germany last week I took several days off and didn't play any poker. I finally started playing again 3 days ago and I should have waited a few more days. I wasn't really in the mood to play, I just felt I needed to get in some time at the tables so I could hit my 100 hour goal for the month.

I was asked why I'm playing Eurobet exclusively for my cash games now and the answer isn't that Eurobet itself is special. I simply wanted rakeback and Eurobet was the only option available to me. I already had accounts at all the other PokerRoom skins. I've found that I'm thriving on that network. My style (or lack thereof) of play seems to be suited to the players I encounter on that network.

Without further ado, onto the new posting format:

Cash Games: -$214.95 / 12.86 table hours

Couldn't get anything going so far this week at the tables. The losses were attributed to bad bluffs and playing while exhausted. I'm actually pleased that I kept the losses to such a small amount considering my state at the time.

Tournaments: +$86.47

Played a Full Tilt $6.60 18 player token satellite to warm up for the evening and found fellow blogger easycure seated across from me. I didn't get crap for cards the entire time and wasn't paying enough attention to make any moves. Easycure himself knocked me out in 8th place when he donked a straight on me. No token for me.

The Paradise Palmtree was an interesting tournament tonight. I invested $50 into the rebuy and ended my run in 433rd out of 835. I called a min raise from an early position player with my AJ. The flop came 4J4 so I pushed my shortstack into my checking opponent. He responded by calling with his flopped quads and I was gone.

Things fared better in the Paradise Coral. I can't say this enough times, this is the softest tournament in online tournaments. The strategy for this tournament is Tight Is Right. There are always players willing to pay you off. The only issue I have with their tournament structure is the blinds are so huge at the end it becomes an all-in fest. I ended up 8th in this one when my pocket 8's couldn't hold up against A9. As is my trademark the money didn't go in until the 9 high flop came out.

Week: -$128.48
Month: +1,994.55


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This is not a post about soccer. I don't even like soccer. Football is a man's game. Futbol is a girlie man's game. Now all of you World Cup net surfers can go somewhere else, the title wasn't meant for you.

Ok, it was meant for you. With the World Cup in full force I figured the title may garner a few more hits and nothings better than wasting some World Cup fans time. World Cup World Cup World Cup

Friday, June 09, 2006

Won A Tournament

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I can't really count it as a goal though since it didn't end up being a multi. Had everyone shown up for the live event of Friday night we would have enough for two tables. As it turns out only eight arrived for the $40 buy in event so it was more like a SNG. I felt like I was playing badly for over half the tourney so I'm more than happy with the win.

I've made Eurobet my new cash game home. Thanks to Actyper and WillWonka for the referrals. Since the offers were basically the same and AC responded first I signed up under him and am already enjoying the rakeback.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Low...Meet High

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Just when you think things are really in the crapper something completely unexpected happens.
Today I managed to beat my alltime money win in a single session by a whole dollar. This proved enough to completely wipe out the pissiness that came from my earlier post which went up last night.

Yeah Me!

Follow Up

Ok, that was a little extreme.

Note to self: Take a cooling off period before blogging in the future.


Fuckity fuck fuck fuckin piece of shit game douche bag fucking donkey shit craptastic fucktard morons playin shit and wasting 4 hours of my life I'll never get back. FUCK!!!!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Close But No Cigar

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Almost completed one of my goals tonight. My death blow came in the form of the chip leaders 85o vs. my KJo all in preflop. An eight hits the flop and bye bye me.

Friday, June 02, 2006

No Muss, No Fuss

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The two year anniversary of this blog came and went without any fanfare or notice, even from me. I was fixing a slight sidebar problem with the template that was showing up in Internet Explorer when I noticed I began this blog back on April 14, 2004.

Back then it was all about posting my results and trying to log everything. Now I feel like I need divine inspiration just to post sometimes. I suppose if I ever get real bored I may go back and read everything again someday. It will either prove to be a very interesting or a very depressing read. I'm not sure which.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Half As Goals

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I was reading the fine blog by DoubleAs this morning and it's led me to revisit my often tumultuous relationship with goals. I like the fact that he sets general monthly goals and just tries to follow through with them. I would like to do the same type of thing, but since I don't play at the monetary levels that he does I can't very well do "DoubleAs goals". I'll just call mine "Half As goals". I'll make these a monthly deal so lets get started.

Half As Goal #1:
Win a multi-table tournament

Half As Goal #2:
Satellite my way into one of the Full Tilt Winner's Choice tournaments

Half As Goal #3:
In the month of May I had 100 table hours logged at the NL games. For the month of June I want to maintain that pace.

That should do it. I'm going to start with baby steps and we'll see how the month goes.