Friday, May 28, 2004

Sometimes I Feel Like, Somebody's Watchin' Me

Or perhaps their really just out to get me. I logged onto Party last night with high hopes and dreams of glory. I immediately found the perfect table and was just getting into the groove when Party reports "Connection Lost". I have cable internet so I'm hardly ever out of service, but low and behold the cable light was dark on the modem. I rushed downstairs to check the TV and the cable was working. I then dashed back up but the telltale light was still out. I tried to reset the modem and to my overjoyment I was back in business. Well...for the time being. Fifteen minutes later I'm again disconnected and nothing I tried would bring the internet service back up. Upon being forced to leave the table I was up 7.9BB. I only have about half of the hand histories so I don't have the statistics but I was doing very well at the time. A phone call to my cable provider was absolutely no help and the earliest they can get someone out to fix it is Saturday morning. Unless a miracle happens I won't be playing tonight. This makes the wife happy so maybe another night off will do the homelife good.