Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Surprise! You’re Dead!!

In keeping with something that Iggy pointed out to me, I get bonus points for this title too. Last night was another spectacular display of dead money. I don’t know who brought out all the bad players but I hope they keep them around. There were a few tight players at the table but they just weren’t getting the cards they needed to keep me under control. :) I’m sure I went into their notes as a maniac but when everyone is going to let me control the table, I’ll do it.

133 mins., +49.5BB, +22.33BB/hour, 133 hands

Table One - 83 min., +45.5BB, 32.89BB/hour, 87 hands. I was worried during the first orbit when everyone was folding, but then it was like a switch was thrown and most of them loosened up. This worked to my advantage and I was able to take control of the table. I don’t know if everyone just wanted to beat me or they thought they had good hands but someone was always eager to pay me off. Eventually the table broke up and I had to look for fresh fish.

Table Two – 45 min., +4BB, +5.33BB/hour, 46 hands. I almost made a grave error at this one. I was fresh from the first table and sat down trying to play the same way I had just been. These players would have none of that and started to make me pay for my transgression. It took me about a 10BB loss to start changing my play. Fortunately I was able to adjust and worked my way back into the black before this table broke up. Since it was late I decided to call it a night and go to bed.

Bad Beat of the Night
None to report.

Big Pot of the Night

I was on the button with 8c8s
The table folded around to LP who called, cutoff poster checks, I call, SB calls, BB checks. 5 see the flop
Flop 8d10h10c
SB checks, BB leads out, LP calls, CO folds, I decided to slow play figuring my fullhouse will be the nuts and just call, SB calls, 4 see the turn
Turn 9d
SB bets, BB raises, LP calls, I raise now putting the BB on a 10 and knowing he wont fold, SB raises making it four bets, I’m thinking a straight, BB and LP calls. 4 see the river
River Ah
Check around to me, I bet, SB raises, BB calls, LP folds, I raise, SB and BB call.
SB has QdJh for the straight, BB has Kd10s, I show the full house and take down $28.50 after the $1 rake.