Wednesday, May 05, 2004

What is Normal Anyway?

I wish I could report another 50BB night but things seemed to be back to normal for me. After a full day of yard work and baseball practice I sat down for what I was hoping would be a big night.

75 mins., +5.61BB, 4.49BB/hour, 80 hands.

The results referenced above are a pretty fair representation of the results I had before trying unsuccessfully to work multiple tables. I should have left this table after the first few rounds since I knew more profitable ones were out there. I have a mental block that seems to prevent me from leaving a table down money if I haven’t hit my stop loss. I felt I could eventually beat the table and I made it my goal for the evening to do so. I wasted precious earning time doing this. I waffled up and down anywhere from +12BB to -12BB. The last ten hands I played were shorthanded having no more than 4 players. I started the short hand play down 4.75BB. The last hand of the night was a pot for $12.23 which put me up enough to quit and go to bed.

I was on the button with 3h3c.
A fourth player had just joined the table and posted in the cutoff. I raised, SB reraised, BB raised all in for .12 more, and we all called.
Flop 3d6sAs
SB checks, BB is all in, CO checks, I bet.
Turn 2h
SB check, CO checks, I bet and both call (why do people play shorthanded no matter what they have?)
River 3s
I get the rare 4 of a kind and as usual I’m not going to get any play on it.
SB check, CO checks, I bet, SB calls, now the CO folds.
SB had a pair of Tens and just called all the way. He really played this hand to weak shorthanded. I wasn’t going to fold my pair, especially after getting the set but he should have applied pressure. The flop showed an A but he should have raised it up to test the table. It would have been better to lose an extra SB than to call out an additional 2BB. Of course everyone reading this already knows this so I’m preaching to the choir.