Wednesday, June 02, 2004

My Kryptonite

Faster than a small child.
More powerful than your Grandma.
Able to leap tall blades of grass in a single bound.

Look! At the Computer Desk!
It’s a white collar worker, it’s a short fat guy, it’s lifesagrind!

Yes! It’s lifesagrind – strange visitor from
Kansas who came Earth with powers and abilities
far beyond those of mortal fish. lifesagrind who
can change the course of mighty pots, bend chips
with bare hands, and who, disguised as an online
poker player, System Manager for a Metropolitan
Tote Company, fights the never ending battle for
Pots, Bankroll, and the American Way.

So what could possibly stop this behemoth of a man you ask? Chasing hands! That’s right viewers, his weakness known to few mortals is of his own doing. Can he overcome such a mighty foe! Will he be able to bounce back! Stay Tuned! Don’t Touch That Dial! More To Come!

Ok, perhaps I went a bit overboard. But, really, I went from feeling like superman to being brought down to earth with a crash. Monday night was a complete failure as I met my loss limit and Tuesday didn’t start out much better. I played down 10BB at one table then went to the next. As I started the next table the truth of my downfall washed over me like an acid bath. I couldn’t blame the cards or the players. I was the culprit.

It started out innocently enough. I’d have A10o and limp in. The flop would be rags and I’d convince myself overcards were enough to keep going. A 10 would come and I’d still feel I was good enough. Another rag on the river and I’d think, “They can’t bluff me off this pot!” Lo and Behold I wouldn’t have squat compared to the other player and I’d see 4 or more BB’s leaving my stack. I’m not sure what caused this behavior but I’m sure glad I was able to realize it.

The next table faired much better and I was able to recover the loss from the first one. I ran out of playable time and the table dried up before I could recover from the previous night though.

Monday Night – 118 minutes, -19.5BB, -9.92BB/Hr, 123 hands
Tuesday Night
Table One – 15 minutes, -12.75BB, -51BB/Hr, 16 hands
Table Two – 85 minutes, 20.13BB, 14.21BB/Hr, 90 hands
Total – 100 minutes, 7.38BB, 4.43BB/Hr, 106 hands