Friday, June 11, 2004

A Change of Scenery

More of the same last night as the Party players handed me my ass hand after hand. I’m getting frustrated and pushing the issue to many times. You’d think I would learn that I can’t push a player off a hand if he’s holding the nuts. Oh well.

After reaching my loss limit yet again I decided to check out the 1/2 games at Aztec Poker. I forgot to mention that over the weekend I received my chip set from PokerSource for signing up at Aztec. It really is a nice set and I was pleasantly surprised by it’s quality. The aluminum case seems sturdy enough but it did have some minor cosmetic flaws when it arrived. A little ding and a chip in the case but it was free so I’m not going to be complaining. I will complain about Aztec Poker’s cashout process though. I tried to remove some money from the account and they wanted a copy of my drivers license and a utility bill to verify who I was. I just wanted the money deposited back into the original neteller account that it came out of so I feel this is unnecessary. I faxed them a copy of my license and they wrote me back to tell me it was illegible. I’ve heard others have had this problem as well so I’m just going to scan what they need and email it to them. Hopefully that will correct it.

Back to poker I sat at an Aztec table and really had a solid effort. I’m not usually one for superstitions but Party has been killing me the last week and a half so I’m going to go ahead and play Aztec for a little while. (At least until I can get some of my money out of there.) Poker Tracker now imports prima hand histories so I have no reason for not switching for a while.

Table One – 14 minutes, -11.5BB, -49.29BB/Hr, 17 hands
Table Two – 78 minutes, -19.63BB, -15.1BB/Hr, 83 hands
103 minutes, 15.63BB, 9.1BB/Hr, 107 hands

Total – 195 minutes, -15.5BB, -4.77BB/Hr, 207 hands