Friday, June 04, 2004

Not What I Had In Mind

Well this entry will be short and sweet. I played a good game last night but couldn’t come up with the break out night I feel I need. I sat at one table and rec. 3 decent starting hands right off the bat but lost each of them. Then the table broke. I never got a rhythm and had to move on. The next one was better but I was only able to recover the loss from the first. I feel I played well and I wasn’t the victim of any unusual bad beats, I just didn’t get the cards I needed to have a good night.

I think I’m having a bad run but I don’t feel down and out. Last night was pretty much just cold cards. I have faith that I will still breakout this week.

Table One – 11 minutes, -6.5BB, -35.45BB/Hr, 12 hands – Told you it broke up fast.
Table Two – 160 minutes, 6.25BB, 2.34BB/Hr, 149 hands
Total – 171 minutes, -0.25BB, -0.09BB/Hr, 161 hands