Thursday, June 10, 2004

A Tilt By Any Other Name Is Still A Tilt

I wanted to write a glorious tribute to my return to profitability but I can’t. I played for an hour on Monday night and did well. Tuesday night I did really well, and Wednesday night I gave back every penny I earned on Tuesday.

I was up early on Wednesday but soon found myself down to my loss limit. Instead of judiciously calling it a night I started to chase. I wasn’t chasing cards as I was still able to lay down a hand. I was chasing my money. I’ve stated before that chasing was my kryptonite and this just confirms it. Chasing is chasing.

Monday – 56 minutes, 7.75BB, 8.3BB/Hr, 57 hands
Tuesday – 93 minutes, 23BB, 14.84BB/Hr, 82 hands
Wednesday – 104 minutes, -23BB, -13.27BB/Hr, 109 hands