Monday, June 21, 2004

Ding Dong the Streak is Dead, the Streak is Dead, the Streak is Dead

Losing streak that is. Granted it was a shortened week of play but not one losing session out of the last four makes me feel good. I even played a few sit and go’s with success. I don’t usually play them but things worked out.

Saturday night I sat down to play and found that on the weekends Aztec Riches puts a lot of no limit tables up but not many limit ones. With only one 1/2 table available I had to join the wait list. I was anxious to play so I checked out the SNG tables and decided to try a $5.50 table. I haven’t played no limit in months and I wasn’t even a break even player when I did. Feeling frisky though I figured it was worth a shot until my regular table opened up.

Several bloggers I’ve been reading are playing the SNG tables regularly. They’ve been saying that early you need to play it very tight because many players will go all in early. I adopted this strategy and before long people were exiting. I wasn’t staying unless I was extremely confident I had the nuts and was even able to eliminate 2 players in one hand. I held the chip lead through most of the play and only started to sweat when it got down to two of us. Again I called upon the teachings of my fellow bloggers and went aggressive. I made sure I never folded the blind unless it was complete crap and raised when prudent to do so. My opponent happened to be the table “expert” as he chastised all non-conventional play. This played into me and he layed down a lot. He felt I was getting “lucky” on him and took every opportunity to tell me so. Even after beating him he continued to whine. Victory was indeed sweet.

With the confidence of the win I joined the limit table and continued to have success. I wasn’t going to break the bank but solid play helped me take a profit from the table and that’s all I ask of the game we love.

Sunday Was more of the same but I finished 3rd in the SNG instead of 1st. Still money won but I don’t think I will begin to play them regularly yet.

Saturday $5.50 Sit-N-Go, 1st place, $19.50 profit
Saturday Table – 105 minutes, 6.5BB, 3.71BB/Hr, 84 hands

Sunday $5.50 Sit-N-Go, 3rd place, $4.50 profit
Sunday Table – 50 minutes, 6.77BB, 8.12BB/Hr, 45 hands

Week total
SNG’s $24.00 profit
Tables – 5.97 hours, 29.02BB, 4.87BB/Hr, 349 hands