Thursday, June 03, 2004

A Gamblin’ Good Time

I lost $12 last night and I feel good about it.

How’s that for a statement. I had such a good time with the family last night that when I sat down to play poker my good mood carried over and I wanted some action. Adopting a more loose and fast style I just sat and had fun playing the game. In retrospect I should have gone to a lower level to do this but what the heck.

My stack was in a constant state of flux. I would go from –18BB to +1BB and back down again. Over and over the cycle would continue and I really was enjoying myself. Normally around 11:30 pm my eyelids start to feel heavy but not last night. Before I knew it the clock was showing 2 am. And of course instead of being at the +1BB of the rotation I was at the negative end. Since it was late and I really did not want to log a –19BB loss for the night I became one with the “Rock”.

The entire table was loose but not stupid. It didn’t take long for them to catch onto my change of pace. It was actually quite amazing. I had been watching them but I hadn’t realized how closely they were watching me. After a few orbits my raises started carrying a lot of weight. I was super tight but aggressive and very few of my hands were making it to the river. In honor of my new found status I began to loosen up a little bit. I still had good starting hands but with some relaxed post flop play. After a few hands I ran into someone with the best of it and unfortunately the table realized what I was doing. I kept to strong hands but a few chasers kept me from getting back to even. At 3:20 I had to call it a night. I wasn’t tired but I knew the wake up time was fast approaching and if I wanted any sleep now was the time.

As with any endeavor one should learn something from ones experiences. Last night I realized just how crappy K10o can be. I don’t recall really getting this hand a lot in the past but last night it seemed like I was getting it about every other rotation. In light of my loose play I was playing it everytime I got it. I won with it a few times but overall it seemed to really be a crappy hand. If I remember correctly Sklansky recommends only playing it in late position. I’m going to have to agree. (like he needs my agreement)

Anyway, tonight will have to be back to serious play. The loss last night makes it seem like I’m having a bad run (5 losses and 5 wins in last ten)so I need to rectify that with a good night tonight.

Stats: 268 minutes, -6.07BB, -2.72BB/Hr, 279 hands

PS. I just checked my K10o stats in Poker Tracker and I in fact had the hand 7 times which was the most of any hand. Interestingly though it was an overall winner earning me .01BB for the night. Just thought I would point that out. Once again perception and fact don’t match up exactly. Also it was a loser from late position (4x) but a winner from early(2x w/ once in the BB as loser). Go Figure.
Overall, of the 9,143 hands I have in Poker Tracker I’ve rec. the hand 75 times. This has resulted in a -20.25BB’s. That tells me last night was a rare upswing for the hand and I need to be careful about when I play it. My biggest losing hand of all time so far is KJo for a -34.41BB’s. I’ve had it 111 times and need to be careful with this one also.