Saturday, June 17, 2006

We Don't Need No Stinkin Laydown

Filed Under: Poker

Cash Games: -$212.30 / 4.65 table hours

I failed miserably in my attempt to tighten up early. It would be easier if I could attribute the loss to that fact, but I cannot. It all boiled down to three hands which define what I believe to be the most important factor in poker. The ability to lay down a hand.

I dropped an entire buyin calling down a player when all I could beat was a bluff. I struggled early at the table and wanted to chip up so bad I ignored every obvious warning sign. This was followed up by my KK vs. AA. The preflop action told me he had Aces but I refused to let the hand go. The final blow came in the form of my flopped flush vs. a turned full house. Wouldn't have been bad had I forced the action on the flop but again I called down even after the board pairing sent off large red warning lights all around me.

I may just not play today. I'm thinking of doing a little studying up on my game tonight and waiting for the PokerStars Blogger Championship on Sunday.

Week: -$340.88
Month: $1569.85