Thursday, June 15, 2006

Format Change

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I've been riveted by Lee's Poker Blog lately as he gives daily updates to his race to $200K. I'm actually enjoying his format so much that I'm going to copy it for a while. (that is until I get bored and move onto something else.)

With my son arriving back from Germany last week I took several days off and didn't play any poker. I finally started playing again 3 days ago and I should have waited a few more days. I wasn't really in the mood to play, I just felt I needed to get in some time at the tables so I could hit my 100 hour goal for the month.

I was asked why I'm playing Eurobet exclusively for my cash games now and the answer isn't that Eurobet itself is special. I simply wanted rakeback and Eurobet was the only option available to me. I already had accounts at all the other PokerRoom skins. I've found that I'm thriving on that network. My style (or lack thereof) of play seems to be suited to the players I encounter on that network.

Without further ado, onto the new posting format:

Cash Games: -$214.95 / 12.86 table hours

Couldn't get anything going so far this week at the tables. The losses were attributed to bad bluffs and playing while exhausted. I'm actually pleased that I kept the losses to such a small amount considering my state at the time.

Tournaments: +$86.47

Played a Full Tilt $6.60 18 player token satellite to warm up for the evening and found fellow blogger easycure seated across from me. I didn't get crap for cards the entire time and wasn't paying enough attention to make any moves. Easycure himself knocked me out in 8th place when he donked a straight on me. No token for me.

The Paradise Palmtree was an interesting tournament tonight. I invested $50 into the rebuy and ended my run in 433rd out of 835. I called a min raise from an early position player with my AJ. The flop came 4J4 so I pushed my shortstack into my checking opponent. He responded by calling with his flopped quads and I was gone.

Things fared better in the Paradise Coral. I can't say this enough times, this is the softest tournament in online tournaments. The strategy for this tournament is Tight Is Right. There are always players willing to pay you off. The only issue I have with their tournament structure is the blinds are so huge at the end it becomes an all-in fest. I ended up 8th in this one when my pocket 8's couldn't hold up against A9. As is my trademark the money didn't go in until the 9 high flop came out.

Week: -$128.48
Month: +1,994.55