Wednesday, June 28, 2006


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While digesting another uber-post brought to us by the Blogfather, I followed a link to a mention of good old ZeeJustin. Go read the ZeeJustin post about his wish to do charity work, then come back.

Did you manage to struggle through it? Good.

I don't know this kid, never met him, don't know anything about him except for the scandal that was centered around him. I think what he did was very wrong and it was correct of the poker rooms to ban him. That said, the kid obviously had some talent and could have been a big name for his playing ability as opposed to the scandal.

In his latest post he makes a comment that I believe would have been the proper way for him to come back from his past transgressions... then he ruins it by continuing the sentence and revealing his true intentions.

"I thought I could just keep to myself, play on a new site under a secret identity and keep everything to myself,..." That would be a good idea. Your a good player, use your skill to make money. Continue to be the best player you can be.

Unfortunately he continues with...

"but I donĂ‚’t want to have to resort to that."

And the true intentions are revealed. It's not about the game. It's not about an apology. He can't stand the idea of not being the center of attention. The rest of his little letter is all a smoke screen to allow him to sweep his past under the rug. He wants to be proclaimed a hero to whom we must all bow to and worship. This kid simply doesn't seem to get it. He's young, and as is often the case at that age he lets his life be controlled by his ego. When he gets older and learns to keep that ego in check I hope he can be happy as just a "secret identity". That's when he will receive the respect that he so desperately wants.