Friday, June 16, 2006

Breaking Even

Filed Under: Poker

Cash Games: -$.10 / 7.6 table hours

Played two sessions today and had a rollercoaster ride in the afternoon that ended in a loss. Lost two big hands on two separate tables but in similar situations. Each table had a very big LAG type player and I was looking for opportunities to bust them. In each situation where I made my move they actually woke up with the nuts. Shame on me for being greedy.

The night session (which occurred after my son was awarded the team ball in his baseball game) was a combination of two up tables and one down for a break even day.

I did notice in the night session that I'm beginning to be too loose from the early positions. My goal for today is to concentrate on that and tighten up a little bit in early position.

Week: -$128.58
Month: $1,994.45