Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Leave Your Message After The Tone

Filed Under: Poker

Tonight could be summed up by this previous post. (Warning: run on sentence coming) I could just sit here and bitch about losing four races in four straight tourneys tonight and then donking off chips in SNG's to try to break even just so I wouldn't have to post a negative number in my new posting format...But I won't do that (or did I just do it anyway).

At any rate I dumped my hard earned money into tournaments that produced bupkis. I'm looking for feedback on my posting of daily results. I used to do it way back in the beginning of this blog but I'm pretty sure no one is riveted by my penny ante results. Drop me a comment and let me know if it's compelling or revolting. The only upside I see to it is it forces me to update on a daily basis. Quantity over quality is not something I've been known for in the past.

I haven't exactly been known for quality either but lets just let me have my dreams, 'kay.