Monday, June 19, 2006


Filed Under: Poker

Tournaments: -$41.25

WBCOOP was a disaster as I tried to make someone lay down their top pair. I was actually lucky to make it as far as I did since my JJ sucked out on AA before the first break. Out in 425th of 2247.

Next up was a two table token satellite at Full Tilt. I like the $6.60 tournaments where the top 4 get a $26 token and 5th gets back $4. As has been my MO lately I was the chip leader then donked off trying to eliminate someone and I go out in fifth.

I haven't played the UB $12,500 guarantee in a while so I fired it up last night and played a pretty decent game up until the end. As we sat on the bubble I had a slightly above average stack and another average stack at the table started getting frisky with the blind stealing. For some ungodly reason I decided it was my duty to put this person in their place. On my first decent hand I called and took the lead on the flop. She wasn't going to go anywhere though and after committing most of our stacks she managed to river me. I barely squeaked into the money for a $35 profit.

The Turquoise at Paradise was an effort in futility and I went out just minutes before the second break. 56th place out of 177.

Finished up with the Coral and busted out in an unimpressive 259th place. 382 players started so I couldn't even outlast the donk bubble in this one.

Week: -$41.25
Month: $1,742.90