Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Tournament Progress

I'm happy to report that my multi table tournament game is coming along very nicely. As I posted about my emotional crisis I have been trying to recover from a large self destruction. I managed to correct my limit game through the remainder of the week and although I ended with a small loss, it is leaps and bounds above where I stood on Tuesday. The flow of the game has come back to me and I posted solid albeit modest wins over the last three days played.

With the limit game being my bread and butter and I became really worried that I was making toast there for a while. With things appearing corrected though the limit tables took a back seat role this week to the multi freerolls. With the Monty Memorial Poker Blogger Tournament coming up I've been dilligently working on this aspect of my game. I entered 7 tournaments this week and my finish position improved with each one. (Barring PLO8 annomoly) The results and games played are:
NLHE - 463rd of 1000
NLHE - 461st of 800
NLHE - 439th of 1000
NLHE - 241st of 1000
PLO8 - 315th of 1000
NLHE - 179th of 1000
NLHE - 41st of 1000

As the results indicate I'm pretty happy with my progress. As well as the multi's I have played a few more SNG tables as well. I'm up in the challenge and I'm concentrating on winning not just placing. I still feel the "big sigh of relief" though when the 4th person is eliminated and I'm in the money. I suppose this feeling means I still need to work more on only shooting for the win but maybe not. Who knows?

Anyway head over to Iggy's and sign up for the blogger tourney. I don't have the fundage to offer a bounty on my head but I'll sing your praises in this blog if you knock me out.