Thursday, August 12, 2004

First Triple Play

Last night was my first night of the triple play. I fired up the ring game first and played a short 49 minute session. I would have played longer but Absolute locked up on me. I had to close the table window down and when I tried to rejoin my seat was already taken. Since the NLHE tourney was about to start I decided to call it quits and finished up 8.63BB.

The tourney started and I wanted to take notes so I could do my first tournament write up. The problem is I was card dead through 98% of the dang thing. At the first break I had dropped my stack down to t910 from the starting t1500 and the big blind was scheduled to be t100 when we resumed play. The only pair I rec. during the first hour was 5's and it only won a small pot. The big stack was pushing every chance he got and I had nothing to push back with. I was on the button when we started back up and when I went all in three hands later no one would call me. I sat through the blinds and when I was scheduled to be the CO the software moved me to a new table. The new seat was scheduled to be the BB next hand so I was royally screwed over as the blinds chopped me down to respirator level. Before the blinds came around the next time I was able to double up when my pocket 10's made 4 of a kind on the flop. When the BB got to me I went all in with AQs and was called by a big stack holding pocket 3's. I got no help and went out in 241st place out of 1000. Better than most but I never felt like I had a chance to play.

I then continued onto the SNG challenge and found my cards much better at the start. I hovered around 2 or 3 biggest stack for about an hour and then lost several hands in raised pots to make myself short. I ended out at 5th.

A small profit for the night but I wish I could have had a better finish in the SNG. A top 25% finish in the tourney but still not very satisfying. It was my 3rd highest finish percentage wise though so I should have something to build on. Hopefully tonight I can fare better and have a real writeup.