Monday, August 23, 2004

There's No Business Like Poker Business

As I'm sure most of you know there was no Monty Memorial Blogger Tournament last night. Pacific Poker claimed that technical difficulties were to blame but that has done little to appease the angry blogging community. I did rec. an email stating "I can assure you that this matter is being fully reviewed by our technical department, and you will be contacted by our Promotional department regarding this matter as soon as possible. We do appreciate that this has caused great inconvenience to yourself and the other players, and will be taking this into account." If their idea of taking the inconvenience into account translates to a freeroll with them putting up what would have been a $1500 prize pool then I'm sure all can be forgiven. If not I'm pretty sure no tournaments will be played there in the future.

In preparation for the tournament that was not I spent the entire weekend of poker playing in SNG NLHE tourneys. I'm still holding my own in these and did fairly well in the two table varieties at Pacific. As I did not play any limit poker over the weekend I capped off the week with 3 straight down weeks. The loss to the bankroll hasn't been to severe as the three losing weeks came to a total loss of only $109.77 . A solid week or two of play should have that wiped out easily. The question is when will that solid week or two come.

Since the tourney was a no-go I decided to empty out the Pacific Poker account and head back to Absolute to play a SNG for the challenge. (see sidebar for current challenge status). I was caught early and found myself short stacked but patience proved the better part of valor and I finished up in second place. ( I know it's "discretion" is the better part of valor but it's my blog and I'll change sayings if I want) I was eager to play in another but Pacific Poker was not the only site having "technical difficulties" last night. All of the tournament pages would no longer load so in an attempt to get back in the proverbial saddle that is limit poker I headed to Party Poker.

After about ten minutes of play I was questioning why I ever leave that site. In 65 minutes I doubled my $50 buy-in and have now nearly cut in half the 3 weeks of previous losses. Nothing like a good win to revitalize the poker libido. (that was an icky metaphor) I do believe the last few days spent playing no limit has helped me refocus on the limit style of play. I'm able to better differentiate the styles now and I am going to attempt to have continued success in both.

If the blogger tournament manages to get off the ground again I'll be there so make sure you get in on the next one.