Wednesday, August 11, 2004

An Emotional Crisis or How I Gave Up And Started To Have Fun

I haven't posted in a while and for that I apologize. Last week was a busy time in the personal life so I only played a few days. My oldest son had to go back to his mom's and subconsciously I wasn't in the right frame of mind to play. I thought I was unaffected emotionally but as I tend to internalize my feelings I played like complete crap for several days afterwards. My play has moved to Absolute Poker since they were handing out several reload bonuses. I thought I would find the same weak/tight tables I had experienced before and I was right. The problem was I kept coming up short with second best. Even when I had a full house I would lose to a bigger one. This wreaked havoc with my play and I quickly found myself pissing away a 1/4 of my bankroll in three days. Tilt doesn't begin to describe my play and bad cards can only account for so much. When I stated in the previous post that you create your own luck, I left out the chapter on creating your own bad luck. Truly a tilt worthy situation has the propensity to due just that.

As every story should have a happy ending I have been able to find a light at the end of the tunnel. In an effort to just play cards for fun I rediscovered the freeroll multi tourneys. I've been trying to play in a NLHE tourney and a PLO tourney when they are available to me. After dabbling a little at the Omaha8 play money tables I've discovered that I truly enjoy PLO. I haven't played any Omaha8 tourneys but the PLO's are great. A solid grasp of the game can get you far in these events and that certainly serves as a confidence boost. In staying with the tourney mentality I have also began to play the SNG tourneys. Since I devastated my bankroll I didn't want to commit any substantial amount to them but since Absolute offers $2+$.20 tables I have taken up the SNG challenge. I am refering to the challenge where you commit 10 buyins, and move up or down in levels in relation to the bankroll fluctuation. Since I only had to commit $22 to the endeavour it has been a nice break and I'm holding my own after 4 tourneys. I've been able to finish 1st and 2nd with two eighths thrown in. I'm adding a section on the right to track this progress as well as my normal limit progress.
With the new endeavor I'm trying to split my time between the limit games, freeroll multi's, and Sit-N-Go's. I don't know how long I'll be able to keep it up since I must eventually sleep. As long as I'm finding it fun though I'll stick with it. I'm also on a mission to at least break even at Absolute before moving my limit play back to Party. This may take a while unless I go on a tear but I'm dedicated to staying patient so no worries.
I also need to start posting more again. It seems the less I post the worse I play. Writing really does help my game. Now if I could just stop time I could also build this thing I've been thinking about and this other thing and....