Friday, August 27, 2004

An Odd Evening

I fried my template...AAARRRGGGHH!
Anyway normal post below

Things started out pretty well as I played a SNG at Absolute and managed a third place finish. I was card dead through most of the late rounds and I decided to push in with a flush draw on the flop as an attempt to steal the pot. The chip leader folded but the other player had a higher flush draw and called. No flush came but it wouldn't have mattered anyway. I took my small winnings and headed to Party for some limit play.

When I sat down at the table I was recognized for the first time by someone because of this blog. It was flattering yet stressful at the same time. I may have played other players who have read the blog before but no one has ever said anything to me. I instantly felt like I had to play an "A" game or I would be revealed as a complete fraud. I had never considered being recognized before. I don't keep my ID a secret and I always secretly wanted to be noticed. (yeah the ego factor) I just never really thought it would happen. A few short weeks ago I was only getting about 6 hits a day but my readership has more than doubled in the last few weeks so I suppose it may happen more often now. Fortunately for me I was hitting everything I played and I was just about to double my buy-in when things went sour. I was still playing well it was just that the flops were missing me or others were completing their draws. When the table broke I was still up 8 BB's and feeling good.

Finding another table I sat down with no less than two maniac players. These guys were playing everything to the river, raising with nothing, and either paying big or hitting big. I really wanted a piece of the action but in the 40 minutes I sat at the table I found one, yes one, playable hand. I was getting complete crap and couldn't risk the loss with speculative hands. The playable hand I had was AKo. I had to fold it on the river when a straight came and I left the table down 5 BB's. I really wanted to stick it out but my eyelids wouldn't cooperate. These late nights of poker when I have to get the kids up in the morning for school are starting to take their toll.

It was logged as a win for the day but I'm not happy with it. Two winning sessions have been strung together at the limit tables but I'll need a few more before I can declare my bad run officially over. With the big Monty Memorial Tournament this weekend I'm going to get in some more multi-table tourney play tonight. I'll probably take Saturday night off so my mind will be clear. (I must center my Chi before battle)