Thursday, April 15, 2004


Last night was an unsettling rollercoaster of pots. I opened my third night of playing two tables simultaneously with a little trepidation. Night one brought me a 23BB profit while night two fed me an 8.75BB loss. I went from flying high to crash and burn in twenty-four hours. I played six tables last night (only two at a time) and the tale of the tape follows:

Table one (–8.75BB) Not much to tell here, the cards were cold and my play was colder. I stayed in some hands to long only to see I was beat from the beginning.

Table two (+35.5BB) Now this was a hot table. Shortly after sitting down I had a run of 5 good hands out of 7 deals. Started out with AKo and drove everyone out at the river so I didn’t have to show down. The next hand in the BB I see T8 and I check into the flop. An 8 comes on the flop and I get second pair with a T on the turn. This hand holds up against some big pocket cards and two players begin steaming. The next pot was my biggest of the night. I hold KTs in the SB and call to see the flop. Flop drops a JQA rainbow to give me the nut straight. Turn brings a Q which has me worried but I hold up through the river against two bettors and I’m shown trip Q’s and two pair AJ. The pot brings in 19.50 and I’m a happy camper. The action goes to me folding the next two hands preflop only to then have ATs making me the flush and 33 turn into a set on the next one. An orbit or two later all the players left and I should have taken that as a cue and called it a night myself. But of course I could never do that.

Table three (–17.5BB) Aside from a whole lot of junk one hand did me in on this table. 3 players in preflop and we three bet it. I’m holding AQo and flop comes 884. BB bets out, I call, button calls. Turn brings a Q. I’m golden and the BB again bets out. I call and the button raises. This should have been a red flag but I’m oblivious beyond my top pair. BB then reraises (yea I’m still not getting it), I call button makes it four bets and we both call. River shows a 3 which should still not be any help. Action goes about the same as the turn but we only get it up to 3 bets. When It’s shown at the end BB has AA, I have QQ and the button has QQQ. I’m just not paying attention to the tables like I can when only playing one.

Table four (–16.37BB) I wish I could point to a big loss at this table but it was really just a collection of little ones. I either couldn’t get a hand to develop on the board or I was rivered when I did.

Table five (+8.75BB)
Table six (+1.25BB)

These tables I only played for a short while before bed. I was able to use them to recover my losses and called it a night.

I’m still up for the week but nowhere near where I should be. Playing multiple tables will take some getting used to. I know that with practice it will be easier so I’ll hold out for the time being.