Monday, April 19, 2004

Gotta Give A Little to Get A Little

That’s my motto for the past week. I had another abysmal session last night. 288 minutes, (-23.51BB), (-4.90BB/Hour). That brings my first week of playing 2 tables at once to a mighty disappointing 23.15 hours of play, losing $48.18, leaving me with a negative $2.08 per hour of play. And I managed to piss away a $2 an hour profit for the week going into Saturday. Maybe I just shouldn’t play on Saturday nights. Looking back over my stats since February I seem to do better during the weekdays anyway. I know the big fish are supposed to be biting on the weekends but this past weekend was pretty demoralizing. I was getting pulled into the water right along with them. As a matter of fact, the Hunter became the Hunted. Maybe that should have been my motto for the past week. I’m going to chalk it up as a learning experience and go into the new week with the satisfaction of knowing that even with the big loss of the weekend I’m still up $190 since Jan. 1. I believe I mentioned this earlier but from Jan. 1 to April 12 I had only played 39 hours of poker. I almost doubled that amount just this past week. I played 2368 hands last week compared to 2288 for the whole year up to the 13th. The pattern of tables all week seemed to be lose big at two tables, win even bigger at one, and win a little at one. The weekend blew that pattern to hell but it seems like under normal circumstances that is what it’s going to be like. It shouldn’t be though. If I’m going to have a losing table I need to keep it to a small amount. Over the next few sessions I’m going to try some different overall loss limits for a night so I can prevent another night like Saturday.

Absolute Poker sent me a letter in the mail. They sent along a rewards club card. It was nice to rec. an actual card in the mail. It made them seem more real than the other sites that way. The card looked just like most casino cards I’ve seen and included my rewards number printed on the front. In the letter was also a coupon for a $20 deposit bonus on my next $100 deposit and a coupon for a free $10 or $20 multitable tournament as long as I played on a weekday between 10am-6pm. It was nice to get a letter from them. I’ve spent the least amount of time on there site compared to Ultimatebet and Party yet they seem to appreciate it more. I hope Poker Tracker incorporates the hand importing from there site soon as I would like to move back to that site. I always did well there and with fewer players on the site at any given time it was easier to get on a good table.

To add to my weekend dysfunction I forgot to start up the auto hand history request option on Tracker during my play last night. As a result I only have the last 100 hands I played. Because of this I won’t be doing a summary today. This week was certainly a learning experience. I learned that I’m not the rock I thought I was, but I will be someday. I was reading a thread on 2+2 that I found through Chris Halverson’s blog. I pulled this quote from one of the many replies written by the original poster Ed Miller. “You guys are here to learn to play solid, winning poker. Solid winning poker means playing tight before the flop, tight in small pots, and aggressively in big pots.” Definitely food for thought. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my ramblings.