Thursday, April 22, 2004

Even Steven

After a long night of activities after work (Batting Practice for my son’s baseball team which I manage, and then on my knees for hours pulling staples out of the floors we were pulling carpet up from.) I sat down for some relaxing poker. And boy was it relaxing, I found myself on several occasions closing my eyes after folding and just waiting for the speakers to beep at me for my next decision. And since I was sleeping through most of the process I had a very close to $0 night. 117 minutes, -0.44BB, -0.23BB/hour. All in all I can’t complain. I should have just gone to bed and taken the extra 2 hours sleep. Tonight will be more of the same as I’m scheduled to spend the whole evening painting. I had to break down and decide to pay some movers to actually move us over. This whole process has just been too exhausting. Only another week to go though and we should be all moved in. Then of course comes the unpacking but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. I’m writing this at work so I shouldn’t fire up Poker Tracker and review hands. Heck, I shouldn’t even be thinking about poker at work, but I find myself doing just that most of the time. I even finished some work early just so I could type this up. I just won’t want to take the time to do it later tonight before hitting the tables. Aw screw it, I’ll at least put up the table stats for the night then I must go.

Table One (+7.06BB) 51 minutes - Table broke up
Table Two (+7.5BB) 11 minutes – Table broke up
Table Three (-12.5BB) 38 minutes – Hit my loss limit
Table Four (+2BB) 31 minutes – Table broke up
Table Five (-4.5BB) 41 minutes – I was falling asleep at the keyboard

Lots of tables breaking up last night. The turnover was pretty large, I didn’t get to play with any one player for very long. Until tomorrow