Sunday, April 18, 2004

Give My Regards to Broadway

New look to the site today. I didn’t like the way the left column took up so much space so I changed things up a bit. Well that’s the only good news I have for today. Read on for the bad.

I debated even writing about last nights play. Things were so horrible that it ended up being my single worst night ever at the tables. I’m sure everyone taking notes on me last night has me labeled as the biggest fish in the pond. With that said when I started this blog I made a commitment to myself to do it. If I backed out on my first week I would be an even bigger fish than my play showed last night. Keep in mind that what makes this train wreck of poker play even more amazing is that I did it in only 90 minutes. The first 90 minutes of play I was on track and up about 9-10BB. Here is the damage:

208 minutes of play, -$61.50 in losses for a staggering -$17.74\hour. In one fell swoop I wiped out 10 days of earnings. I had over 50% Won $ at SD in the first 90 minutes, and around 10% in the last 90.

Table One (-14.74BB) 117 mins. – This was the table I played the longest. I was up 9.25BB when it all went wrong. I lost $6.50 in bets with Aks, $9.00 with AKo. On the suited front I had to fold one hand when a flush hit the board, on the other I lost to four J’s. On the offsuit cards I lost to KJ when a J hit the river, the other one the board never showed a card higher than a J and I was beat by pocket 6’s. My Bad Beat / Bone Head play of the night also came from this table. This table certainly forebode of what was to come.

Table Two (+0.25BB) 104 mins. – My only winner of the night. This table stayed pretty flat. I was up 5.75BB at one point but nickel and dimed it back down before the table broke up.

Table Three (-21BB) 83 mins. – 94 hands, 5 winners. My biggest winners were for a combined 5BB and they were with AA and KK. The biggest pot I lost at this table I had placed 4.5BB in play. I was flushed at the river with me holding top pair, top kicker. My opponent had bottom pair and runnered the flush. Oher than that my flop % was 18 and I did a whole lot of folding on the flop and turn when nothing developed.

Table Four (-16BB) 56 mins. – 61 hands, 4 winners and one was only a steal of the BB. My big loss at this table I had KQs. I bet 6.5BB only to lose to 56o when he catches the inside straight killing my top two pair. I did a lot of chasing at this table as my flop % was 34. My showdown % was 29. Nothing clicked and I had to fold a bunch of mediocre hands on the flop.

Table Five (-10BB) 20 mins. – The dreaded ego came into play here and I just threw the money away. I was tired and thought there was no way I could keep losing like this. I didn’t win one hand at this table. I just kept pouring money into the pot only to keep losing it. I saw the flop 35% of the time here. I was indeed chasing my loses.

Bad Beat of the Night (changed to Bone Head Play of the night for this one)

Table One.
Even after I knew I was beat I just couldn’t stop myself from hitting that Raise button.
I sit in MP with KQo .
Three players in front of me call, I call, everyone behind me folds, SB calls, BB checks. 6 see the flop
Flop comes 10c Ac Jh.
I’ve hit broadway on the flop and am up 70.99% according to Poker Tracker
SB bets (must have A;s) , BB raises (hmmm, maybe he has A's or two pair), fold to me, I call, SB calls. 3 see the turn.
Turn brings a Kd
Now I believe one of the remaining two players has hit the straight along with me.
SB checks, BB bets (OK I think he must AQ which would explain his raise on the flop), I raise (I believe I will be splitting the pot but hopefully I can suck more money out of the SB). SB calls as does the BB. We all see the river.
River card 10s
I see this and am a little worried, but dismiss it.
SB bets out. (This confuses and worries me, He led the betting on the flop but checked the river, maybe the 10 gives him trips and he’s just a stupid player, obviously my ego and not my brain doing the thinking here.) BB raises, I have him on my straight so not to be outdone I reraise, SB makes it 4 bets, BB calls, I can’t let it go and I call.
The showdown has me beat by both players. The 10 has given them both a full house. The SB held JJ for the win and the BB had A 10 for a smaller house. I read the BB completely wrong on this hand. I don’t feel his play dictated two pair on the turn. The SB worried me on the river but like I said my ego wouldn’t let me fold and I shoved in 7.5BB for my effort.

Big Pot of the Night

Table One
Ironically I took in the same amount that I lost overall on the table 14.75BB.
I hold 6d5h in the big blind
UTG calls, next is a Forced Bet new player who checks, next two call, another new player Forced Bet checks, button folds, BB calls, I check. 7 see the flop
Flop As8s9d
BB bets out, I have the inside straight draw with 2 cards coming. I believe that just about everyone will play this flop so I call on the implied odds. All but one player calls and 6 see the Turn.
Turn 7h BINGO
SB bets, I raise (looking back I probably shouldn’t have because 10 J with that flop was a real possibility), UTG calls, everyone folds to the BB who calls. 3 see the river.
River 3c
BB checks, I bet, both call and I win the pot. BB held 8c9c for two pair and UTG held AA. I’m sure I went in his bad beat list. If he had raised preflop I would have folded. Slowplaying can kill you just as bad as anything else at this level.

That concludes our horror film classic. I would appreciate comments on this night’s loss. Have any of you suffered this badly at .50/1.00

P.S. Thanks to Iggy for mentioning my site on his. The traffic has increased quite a bit.