Friday, April 23, 2004

Another Day, Another Dollar

Last night was once again uneventful. I’ve adjusted my loss limit strategy to a level I’m comfortable with now and it seems to be working. I’ve decided that when I sit down I will fire up two tables. I will play these two tables in accordance with my aforementioned loss strategy. If I quit one table due to the loss limit or it breaking up, and I am down at that table, I cannot fire up another one until such time as I have profited on the remaining table in an amount to make myself even. As an illustration lets say table one breaks up and at the time I am down –2BB. On table two I am also down –1BB. I will continue to play table two and not start a new table until I am at least +2BB at the table. This in essence puts me at even money between the two tables and I can start another one with a clean slate. If I continue to lose at table two and hit my single table loss limit then I just quit for the night. This means I guarantee myself a loss on the session but it also prevents me from chasing the loss and more than likely losing more money. I believe that I am a good enough player that in the long run I can take these short losses without any real affect to my bankroll.

Now onto last nights play. I’ve gone back to reviewing my old chart of hands I adopted from Sklansky’s book. I’ve discovered that I have cut out some hands that I should be playing in late position. After reintroducing these hands to my play I feel a bit more like a well rounded player at the table. I also discovered that I was perhaps playing some hands in early position that I shouldn’t be. This will hopefully help me out, and so far it seems to be.

Stats: 109minutes – (+2.38BB) – (+1.31BB/hour) slow night but after pulling carpet for 5 hours it was ok. I know I said I was going to paint but the carpet people were coming this morning and my wife wanted to save the money we were going to pay them to do it. After being on my knees pulling staples out of the floor for hours with a pair of pliers I would have much rather just paid someone. Turns out they have a tool that is just run along the floor and it pops the staples right out. DOH! Every day you learn something. I knew when I was doing it there had to be an easier way. I digress.

Table One – 108min. – (+2.38BB) – (+1.32/hour) I was pretty tired and playing this table only because of a loss on table two. I hit a pot put myself in the black and went to bed.

Table Two – 34min. – (-2.5BB) – (-4.41BB/hour) This table broke up, I was staying pretty even up until that point. I had lost a pot I was in on but the cards just hadn’t started for me yet.

Bad Beat of the Night
Well tonight I’ve dedicated this to my big loss of the night.
This took place at table Two.
I have AhKd in big blind.
Fold to MP who raises, fold to SB who raises, I raise to cap it and both call.
Flop AdJc4s
SB checks, I fire out trying to take the pot, MP and SB call
Turn 3d
SB checks, I lead out here expecting to make someone pay to see their flush, MP folds, SB calls.
River 10d
SB checks, I don’t put the small blind on a hand because other than a preflop raise they have been content so fish. I think I might go down to a flush here but I decide to bet into it. SB calls
Showdown - SB shows pocket J’s for three of a kind. I just don’t get the play here. This guy is obviously a calling station but he took me for 4.5BB’s

Big Pot of the Day
I’m dealt 8c8s in SB
UTG calls, UTG+1 calls, EP calls, fold to MP who calls, fold to me, BB checks
Flop Ac3d8d
I’m instantly happy for all those players that will play any A and fearful of all those who will play any two suited. I check (probably the wrong thing here, I don’t actually remember what I was thinking except maybe not to scare anyone away and just slow play it. That usually bites you in the butt so I don’t like doing it. Maybe I was just tired :) ), BB checks, UTG bets, everyone calls including me, BB folds.
Turn 5h
I check expecting UTG to bet, he does, EP folds, MP calls, I now strike check-raising, UTG calls, MP reraises all in for another .5BB, I raise another BB, UTG calls.
River 4d
I could be sunk here, I lead out, UTG calls.
Showdown UTG has pair of A’s and MP has trip 3’s, I take down 15.25 with my trip 8’s. Not a stellar pot but I got decent action and it paid off.