Sunday, April 25, 2004

The Tables Call….

Well I couldn’t stay away so I fired up Absolute Poker and settled in for some playing. Only 2500 players were online total and only 5 .50/1.00 tables were available. Three of these were 6 seated tables which I don’t like and of the remaining two only one had any players at it. I joined up to this table and proceeded to have a pretty good run. Since I was only going to end up playing one table I looked at the tournament listing and found a freeroll was scheduled to start in about an hour. I went ahead and registered and then turned my attention to the ring game.

Table One – 70minutes, +15.25BB, +13.07BB/Hour. This table dried up when the tournament started. About 1,000 players were registered which accounted for almost half the players logged into the site. I obviously was doing well at this table and their were plenty of calling stations. After I had won 3 out of the first 4 hands I played though I couldn’t get but one caller after the flop. Their were some really loose players at the table but they were paying attention and got out of the pots I was in.

Since the table dried up I turned my attention to the tournament. This was a disaster and I was out before the third orbit of the table. On the very first hand I’m on the button and everyone folds to me. I call the bet only to have the blinds fold (yes even the big blind, who could have checked) and I win my first pot. A few hands later I’m In EP and I call with KK. My immediate left goes all in, a MP calls, and I go ahead and call since I can cover the bets. Player to my left shows 88, and MP shows 10 10. An 8 comes on the flop and I crash. I have T140 left but manage to double up an orbit later. After blinds go around I’m on the button and go all in with A9o, everyone folds to MP who calls. He shows QTo and 2 Q’s hit the board sending me packing. Thank goodness it was a freeroll.

Since I had a good run I didn’t have any bad beats in the short period I played. My biggest pot was also uneventful only taking in $13.