Monday, November 21, 2005

Saturday Night Live and SNG

The Kansas City Poker Club was an excercise in futility as I busted out within the first three on Saturday night. I then ventured to the local Harrah's for some no limit play and placed myself on the waiting list. Two hours later and down $40 from video poker my name was called for the 1/2 no limit. When you think 1/2 no limit one would normally envision the blinds to be $1/$2. This is not the case. At Harrah's this refers to the table buy-ins of $100 min and $200 max. The blinds are then $2 and $5.

Didn't play a hand for the first two orbits then got someone to double me up. It was really the only notable hand of the night. I was in the Big Blind holding pocket Aces. It folded around to the cut off who called and then the SB went all in for his last $23. I called hoping to bring along the CU. He suprised me by raising it to $50 and I reciprocated with a bump to $100. He then pushed all in and he knew he was in trouble with my immediate call. He flipped up pocked K's and the small blind had AJ suited. My hand held up for almost a double up. I managed to take in another $100 over the course of the next two hours and decided to call it a night. The table was next to the rail and with all the smokers hanging out at the rail I quickly developed a headache. As a former smoker I find smoking all the more irritating.

A quick $300 for three hours work which allowed me to buy a GPS Unit. We are goint to start GeoCaching as a family activity. This should be fun and educational activity for the kids as well as get us out of the house.

The Sit N Go playing started out cold but got hot at the end. Lack of time kept me from playing many games but here are the stats for this week.

25 played
5 wins
4 seconds
0 thirds

ITM 36%
ROI 12.2%
$16.75 profit