Wednesday, November 09, 2005

And You Lose Some

Two days in a row of great success wasn't meant to be. It was kind of odd yesterday...I started out by firing up 2 SNG's at the same time and finished 2nd in both. I then fired up 2 more and finished 4th in both of those. Two more and I finish 6th in both of those. Another 2 and 5th place in both of them. Anyone seeing a pattern here. I decided to quit for the afternoon and played just one more at night before going to bed. I won that one so my net for the day was exactly $0. No win, No Loss.

The only real thing I took out of the days play was that I don't like playing heads up on two tables at the same time. Too many decisions to make and the pace is too much. I'm pretty sure that's why I finished second in both of them. I was fairly confident that I was the better player at at least one if not both of those tables.