Monday, November 07, 2005

Make Up Your Mind

I discovered that working 68 hours a week and trying to tackle no limt ring games at the same time..and I do mean same time. As in playing while at work. Surprisingly this is detrimental to winning. Who da thot. :)

Since the work schedule isn't likely to change all that much in the coming weeks or months I need to stick to what I know for now, with a twist. Sticking to what I know will entail playing low limit poker to clear that $1,000 in bonus money I have laying around at various sites. The twist is that I'm going to start playing sit n go's and more multi table tournies.

When I can sit for 4 or 5 at work, I'll play MTT. When I have less time I'll try to knock out some SNG's. I'm enjoying a 46% ROI on the multi table touneys after playing 188 tournaments so far this year. The SNG's are another story though. I haven't played any in some time but year to date I'm at a -25% ROI after 111 of these.

On both fronts the buyins span from $0 to $100. Since I need a greater amount of work on the single table tournaments I'm going to start small with the $5.50 buyins at Poker Stars. The plan is to force myself to have success at each level before moving up. This brings up the question of what quantifies success at a level. I'm going to research this a little but if I manage to show enough profit at one level to support 10 buyins at the next I'll probably move up.

Anyway that's my plan and I'm sticking to it...unless I think of a new plan in which case disregard what I said earlier.