Friday, November 11, 2005

Falling Behind

Quackpot had another final table finish on the Bluff Tour last night. This is going to make catching him a daunting task with only 5 events left. I should remain in second place after last night but his lead will now be stretched to over 100 points when the standings are updated. It's a bit dissapointing after leading for most of the tour, but I only have myself to blame.

I wasn't getting much in the way of cards last night but I did get AK three times. I had to lay it down the first two when the flop missed me and I was faced with aggression. The third time I should have layed it down. I hit my A on the flop but another player flopped two pair and I was out in 41st. Only 58 players were present so my finish was less than spectacular.

I'm continuing to hammer out some SNG's when I get the chance. I couldn't play on Wed. because I spent 16 hours at work. I played 6 last night and ended up down a little as I only cashed in two of them. I think I'll hold off on posting stats until the end of the week.