Thursday, November 17, 2005

Boredom the Giant Killer

Found another leak in my SNG strategy...Boredom. If I don't have other tables open to occupy myself in the early levels I just play to many hands. This leads to either going out very early or building a big stack. This unfortunately is not how I like to play so I've gone to having 2 limit tables open for bonus whoring while I play 1 SNG. This has worked well over the last two days as I've managed to money in 5 out of 9 with no 3rd place finishes.

The Bluff event last night completely sucked. The structure was way to fast for my liking as we were at the 50/100 level a half hour into it. I didn't check the final finish but if the player to my right kept catching like he did early on their was going to be no stopping him. All 5 players atop of the leader board were out before the first break. This means I'm still in second but I have a very large uphill battle ahead. I've read on the forum that a new site has been added to replace one of the later events. It is a skin on the same network as Doyle's Room. Problem is that network does not allow you to have accounts on more than one skin. I'm sure that the usual ways of getting around this will still work but the Bluff Magazine people really need to address the leaks in this format. If they take away another points event, like PokerShare, then the race for the win will really be a sham.