Friday, July 23, 2004

Week Ending 07/24/04

This has been a very bad week for me. I still managed a profit because of one great night but my weakness returned for a few days and that hurt. A while back I spoke of chasing cards as my kryptonite. I had managed to avoid this trap for almost two months but alas I reverted to my old ways. The thing is I was doing it for different reasons this time. I had to withdrawl $200 from my bankroll to address some unexpected bills and I wanted that money back in a bad way. My play loosened up to much and I married to many hands. I even disregarded my self imposed loss limit on two days and nearly met with disaster for the week. But like a good little poker player I found the leak and once again patched it. This time hopefully I used concrete instead of scotch tape to seal it.

This is day one of the meltdown. After clearing the bonus at Absolute I sent back to my mainstay at Party Poker. I had scheduled the transfer of the $200 that morning so we all know what happened. I met my loss limit on one table and then instead of quiting I met my loss limit on another. I knew I was doing everything wrong and went to bed pretty pissed that night.
104 minutes, -36.44BB, 82 hands, -44.44BB/100

I decided to log onto UB and found that I had a $34 bonus that I still hadn't cleared. I don't know how I had overlooked that but UB was to be the site of choice for the rest of the week. Things started badly as I met my loss limit again. And again I ignored my own rules and joined another table. Things faired better this time though and I made back the earlier loss and a little more for a small win.
175 minutes, 18.13BB, 222 hands, 8.16BB/100

Played solid poker and managed to make back a little more of the Sunday loss. I table hopped a little to find the right fit for my play but a good night overall.
123 minutes, 16BB, 149 hands, 10.74BB/100

Meltdown number two. I just needed a decent night to erase what was left of Sundays bad play and I blew up again. I played to within a few dollars of my loss limit (this way I could say I didn't play to my loss limit before leaving. Stupid..Stupid..Stupid) left the table and found one that broke up 8 hands after my arrival. Joined yet another table and chased to my loss limt.
134 minutes, -28.5BB, 154 hands, -18.51BB/100

Finally kicked myself in the ass and resigned myself to accept what was happening. The planets aligned, I played well, others didn't play well, a perfect combination that led to a perfect night of poker. I erased my bad nights was finally profitable for the week.
135 minutes, 42.63BB, 164 hands, 25.99BB/100

This was supposed to be my night to lock down a decent week but instead spent most of it in the emergency room. My oldest son decided to jump down, instead of slide down, a big carnival blow up slide. He walked off the ride then winced in pain. A close by pediatrician thought it might be broken so off to the Children's Hospital we went. Turns out it is only a bruise with a possible sprain and all is well.

Since Friday night was spent away from home all night we had several movies due back to Hollywood Video on Sunday. We watched these and thus no poker played.

Week Total
11.18 hours, 11.81BB, 771 hands, 1.53BB/100