Sunday, July 11, 2004

An Excellent Week

I have just completed my most profitable week of play. It’s been a very good two weeks as last week I had my biggest single day. There’s no better cure for the doldrums a bad run brings I can assure you.

Week – 11.05 hours, 74.94BB, 6.78BB/Hr, 642 hands

The play at Absolute Poker is what’s made all the difference this week. I encountered the same play as the night before with many of the same players. I don’t know how long I can keep this up but I was able to double my buy-in again last night. I was well on my way to another record night when Mr. Loosey Goosey joined the table on my immediate left. He wouldn’t lay down anything and was catching everything so I decided to call it a night early and secure my nice win. I was in a good mood and my wife was enjoying watching me win so it was best not to press the issue any longer.

I more than likely won’t be playing over the next two days since were going to spend some time at the lake. I’ll have broadband access but the family will need all of my attention. My deposit bonus at Absolute should be cleared after another 2 days of play so I’ll have a decision to make. The software is atrocious but the games are so good I may try to live with it for a while. It seems the same players are there every night so I’m sure they will try to slow me down before to long.

Until next week this is one happy poker player signing off…..