Monday, July 19, 2004

When I Grow Up I Wanna Be A …

Sorry it's been over a week since my last post but other than rehashing things I've said before there was nothing to report.  This brings me to what I want to do with this blog.  There has been much discussion lately and even some press about blogger burn out.  I am not at this point but I could see how it happens.  It becomes a chore at times to sit down and come up with things to discuss.  I have concentrated solely on my play with this blog to date and I've been happy with the results on a personal level.  With that said though when you hear people complain (bitch) about poker blogs they seem to describe exactly what I do.  This is to talk about what I did last night or show a hand history to a big pot or etc..
Now I don't want to bore anyone, especially myself, so 've decided to take a departure from this style.  I want to write solely about poker but rather than rehash what I did in specifics I'm going to start writing about poker in general or items that I feel relate to my play in an observational or breakthrough way.  This may or may not interest my six regular readers.  I assume you come here for the purpose of scoping my play since I presently write about only that.  I will not completely abandon this and will dedicate a weekly post at the end of each week, which will serve as a recap of play and a status of bankroll.
To go along with my new direction a new layout is due.  I will be taking the next two days to come up with this change of appearance and work on my first article. I've decided to address the differences in style as well as the differences in winning which I have observed at the 1/2 level.  Specifically the mannerisms of a "Rock" as compared to my style of "Loose/Aggressive". I hope you will all stick around for this change and help me with the growing pains as I try to find my way yet again in the blogsphere.  As always comments are wanted and appreciated.