Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Not a Repeat

Well the big win from last week could not be duplicated. (yet!) I took the weekend off from poker due to the holiday and work but I still managed to get some play in. I played on Friday, Monday and last night.

Friday was mixed as I started out nursing a big loss. The table I was at had players bailing out like they were on the Titanic. I know I wasn’t the one driving them away because I was sucking eggs. After 14 hands we were down to 3 players from the original 10 and I was down 5 BB. Normally I would just leave the table when this happens, but as I had just arrived, I thought I would give my short game a try. The only thing that stuck in my mind was to be aggressive. This to my detriment was the “only” thing that I was thinking. Not be aggressive with a good hand, just be aggressive. I was heads up by hand 16 and my opponent must have felt like it was Christmas. No lumps of coal for him this year, no siree, I’ll just fill his stocking with chips. I was being decimated by my own hands and soon even I had to jump ship.

The next table wasn’t fairing much better. At least this time the table lasted 40 hands before we were short. I was determined to play shorthanded though and avenge my earlier loss. This time I decided to pay attention and use what knowledge I had. I was able to laydown a hand now and push it when I was best. I was able get back to just over even when my opponent had had enough and left me all alone.

Feeling rejected and unneeded I joined what would be my last table of the night. This table rocked and actually stayed at full strength throughout my stay. I was able to extract a nice win which took care of my first table loss and then some.

Table One – 16 minutes, -16.88BB, -63.28BB/Hr
Table Two – 61 minutes, .63BB, .61BB/Hr
Table Three – 100 minutes, 24.13BB, 14.48BB/Hr
Overall – 177 minutes, 7.88BB, 2.67BB/Hr

Mondaywas a bit of a downer as I couldn’t get anything going. I took the loss but I didn’t feel bad about it. Come to think of it I don’t know why I don’t feel bad about it, or good about it. I’m just indifferent to the whole experience. Very odd.

141 minutes, -5.63BB, -2.39BB/Hr

Tuesdaywas a trip back to the winning ways. I shouldn’t be cocky about it though because I was on auto pilot for the short time I played. The family and I had just finished watching Disney’s Haunted Mansion, (good film but to scary for little ones), and I was having trouble keeping my eyes open. I was definitely just playing my cards as I couldn’t concentrate long enough to pay any more attention than that. Fortunately that was good enough and profits came my way.

51 minutes, 9.38BB, 11.03BB/Hr

I would be remiss if I didn’t say thank you to Iggy and John-Paul for their kind comments last week. I would also like to make a little addendum to my year in review post from last week. I didn’t get into the specifics of deposits and withdrawls for the year but I am very happy to report that none of my current bankroll is my own money. I was able to withdrawl my original buy in a few months ago so everything is profit. Wow that is nice to say.