Sunday, March 19, 2006

WPBT Final Table Live Blog

Since I'll never get around to writing up a recap I'm going to live blog the final table.
Here are the chip counts at the start:
smizmiatch - 42,415
S.t.B. - 34,502
lifesagrind - 19,275
catclock - 18,680
statikKling - 18,238
claire danes - 16,780
jerge88 - 8,958
otisbdart - 5,779
joanada1 - 4,191
Drizztdj99 - 3,682

11:15 pm- Final Table is underway

11:20 pm - no free ride for my big blind, too bad

11:22 pm - clarie danes hand is caught in the cookie jar and Joanada1 doubles up

11:27 pm - Folded to me in the SB and I take the Big blind with A4

11:28 pm - On the button I call a raise with 98c and the flop comes all I have to let it go

11:29 pm - Otis is the first to go out but since I was typing I completely missed the hand

11:32 pm - A blind steal from early position goes horribly wrong and now I'm a short stack...happy, happy, joy, joy

11:33 pm - I fear that Drizz, who is sitting out and only has 546 chips is going to outlast me

11:34 pm - We just lost StatikKling but again I was typing and completely missed the hand....I need to start paying attention.

11:36 pm - I'm all in with AcKc vs. Qd9d and a Q hits the flop....I'm gone in 7th. Claire danes went out the hand right before me when her 55 lost to A7. smizmiatch has become a one man suckout machine and is taking everyone out.

Drizz did in fact last longer than me so I apparently can't even beat someone who doesn't bother playing the final table.

My first and probably last live blog of a tournament has ended in complete failure. Go Away I'm Pissed.