Thursday, March 09, 2006


As you may or may not have heard by now PokerSourceOnline has reached over 25,000 members in it's poker forum. The forum has a large diverse group of posters and there is usually something for everyone.

I haven't touted these guys lately but if you've never checked them out, or just haven't been back in a while you need to go there now. I can't say enough about them as I've been fortunate enough to recieve several chip sets, PartyPoker gift certificates, poker books, and oh yeah, did I mention a CardPlayer Cruise paid for by them. They have a poker league thats running right now as well as their many poker room promotions. In fact I finished third in the last league event. A blogger freeroll is also being setup by them but I'll mention that in another post when I've finished signing up for it. Having the opportunity to meet these guys in person on the cruise I can personnally vouch for them. If you've always been warry of poker room affiliates you need worry no further. PokerSourceOnline is the place for you.