Monday, March 13, 2006

Who's Bad

Filed Under: Poker

In an unmatched display of poker prowess I managed to be the second player eliminated from the WPBT-POY tournament last night. In fairness to myself though I got all in with the better hand and was outdrawn on what I would consider to have been a bad call on my opponents part.

In a very nice twist of fate this drove me to play in the $10 tourney starting at 10:40 on Stars. I managed to Play Like A Champion
TM and win the the event. It is the largest field I've managed a win at so far with 1051 players. It was also the largest single cash win in a tournament for me but only by about $100.

Once down to three players the short stack asked us for a chop. I agreed as long as it was based on a chip count. I had over half the chips in play at the time and the short stack agreed. The other player didn't want to chop though so we played it out.

The damage: