Tuesday, September 21, 2004

See..I told you this would happen

I must be the second coming of Nostradamus. It's simply scary the way I called that. The jinx was in overtime last night. And yet I don't feel bad about it.

I sat down and played 5 SnG's last night only finishing in the money in one of them. I have myself to blame for two of the losses as I was just playing too weak and let myself get shortstacked in the later rounds. The others though I can honestly attribute to bad beats. I think I was fortunate last week when all my hands held up and I was given the stellar finishes. Last night variance reared it's ugly head and it seemed no matter how much I was the favorite going into the "All-Ins" I would be the loser. I'm not mad about it although I did find myself wanting to question a few players. They just weren't catching last week when they did this, where as last night they were. I won't dwell on this and since tonight is my weekly Tuesday night off from poker I'll get back to this on Wednesday and shoot for a big win.