Monday, September 27, 2004

Monkeys and Typewriters

Have heard the theory about six monkeys left alone with six typewriters for an infinite amount of time generating the works of Shakespeare? Well Saturday night it would have only taken one monkey and one mouse to play the cards I was getting. I would like to think it was my genetically superior intellect that ran over the table but that would be an immensely egoistical comment that would also be incorrect. I perhaps managed to extract more bets from my opponents than a monkey would have but that's about as far as I can truthfully stretch it.

I sat down, fired up two tables, and went very aggressive right away. I had the cards to do so preflop but nothing held up and within 40 minutes I lost my first buy in. The second table was holding it's own and against my better judgement I started up a table to replace the busted one on my screen. The rest as they say is history. It began when I was dealt the same hand of AQo at both tables at the same time. After winning both pots I was dealt the exact same hands again at both tables. This was spooky. I've been dealt the same hand twice before, but to get it twice at two different tables at the same exact time was a bit much. I won 3 of the 4 and after that I hit about 85% of all hands I went to the flop with. I even hit a hand I accidentally hit the call button on when I was intending to fold it. Like I said, a monkey could have won with my cards.

Sunday was not as kind to me. Sunday and Monday are my designated tournament nights and I try to play several single and multi table tournaments on these nights. I went 1 for 3 in the money at the single table tournaments but it was the multi I played last night that really stung. As seems to be my pattern I had a better than average stack at the first break, went card dead through most of the second session but managed to triple up and again had a better than average stack at the next break. 10 minutes into the 3rd session there were 19 players left. Top 18 get paid and all I have to do is fold a few hands and I'm in. Did I do this....obviously not or I wouldn't be disappointed in last night. I received pocket 10's in middle position and raise the minimum. I don't go all in because I don't want to go out on the bubble. I have enough chips to last a while so I'm not in any danger. It folds around to the small blind who's the chip leader and he goes all in. It's back to me...the smart play is to fold....but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. He hadn't been pushing anyone around so I had no past performance to look back on, in fact he folded the big blind to the short stacks all in just the hand before so he's not looking to bust anyone. When he folded to the short stack several players at the table began chiding him because he didn't step up to the plate and try to bust him. I was very tired and fixated on this chatroom conversation as my reason for making the call. In my sleep deprived state I convinced myself that he was pushing me because that's what the other players wanted. Nevermind the complete illogic of this... I wasn't all in yet so he wasn't necessarily going to bust me. I just hit the call button and watched the computer display his two kings. I didn't get my miracle and busted out 1 from the money...purely a mental mistake and I have to remember to stay focused in these things. I'm sure tonight will be better, after all it has to be, right?