Monday, September 20, 2004

Behold the Power of Cheese Blogging

It's been 4 days since I spouted off about my recent shortcomings...and to be honest with you I haven't wanted to write an update. Not for any obvious reason, in fact I've had some solid play since and have not posted a losing session in those four days. It's just that my bad run was so horrible that I'm (and I'm not in anyway a superstitous person) afraid that I'll jinx myself and head back into the abyss. It's a silly concept the jinx. There's no scientific data that I'm aware of that could prove the existence of the jinx, yet it's intangibleness is eerily tangible.

Now as for my play I spent several days soul searching before I wrote my self sacrificing post. I truly believe that the searching, that hunt for the words to express my play, was a major catalyst in my reaquired winning ways. I've gotten back my enthusiasm for the game and this meager blog is key to my play. If I wasn't writing to the web there is no doubt in my mind that I'd still have to write in private. The introspection that I spend before each post gives me a clarity that I don't believe I could achieve otherwise. Now I know I'm not a popular writer in the sense that I actually have readers, or that what I write here is of any real benefit to anyone else, but the fact that this outlet is available is a thing of wonder.

To recap the last four days my SnG play has been even better as I've managed three wins, one second, and two thirds out of the last seven plays. A portion of my Pacific cashout finally made it's way to my neteller account. In honor of this occassion Absolute Poker decided to offer a 15% reload bonus and I've sent the money in. I've begun working on clearing the required hands and this has gone well as I've posted a 2BB/100 win in the endeavour so far.

That sums it up. Happy days are here again, now if I can just avoid that jinx.