Thursday, September 30, 2004

Final Table Blues

I wanted that final table so bad I could taste it.

The wife decided to sweat me for an entire tournament last night. She's watched me play before but never for over 3 hours straight. We were having a good time as I would explain to her why I was doing a certain thing or not doing it as the case may be. 340 some people signed up for the $500 guaranteed tournament. 1,000 award points was the buy in. These points are awarded by Absolute as a way of having a pseudo players club. I had over 6,000 points in my account so I figured what the heck and signed up.

I did pretty well through most of the tourney and made it fairly easily into the money. When we were down to 10 I found myself to be the shortstack and the final table consisted of 9 seats. I knew the only way to make the top 9 was going to be to double up. I'm sure everyone was just going to fold around until I busted. In early middle position I looked down at an AJc and decided to make my move. I pushed all in and all folded to the SB who called me. He showed an A6o and I had him dominated. As is usually the case in these situations he caught a six on the flop and when an A came on the turn it was only to mock me. I busted out pretty upset for not having made the final table.

I'm making the money consistently enough now that I'm going to shift my focus from making the money to making the final table from now on. Time will tell how this goes but I'm thinking of hitting the $8,000 guaranteed tournament tonight so hopefully that time will be soon.