Monday, March 03, 2008

Scott Fischman Causes Life Tilt

A quick perusal of the poker bloggershpere today reveals that Scott Fischman (pro poker player) induced a large amount of life tilt last night.  During the Blogger Big Game (which was livecast here at LAG) Scott made some, shall we say, suspect plays.  These plays gave him a huge chip stack and the eventual win.

I myself induced some life tilt on Sirfwalgman.  During the second hour I rivered a straight against flopped trips and his vitriol spewed forth.  When Sirfwalgman raised and another player smooth called I knew I was going to push the flop before I even completed my Big Blind.  Nevertheless perceived donkery is still donkery no matter the reasoning.

I should be home from work in time for the Math tonight so I'll be livecasting my play again.  Join me here and then head over to the chatroom for a discussion of the game.